News Update


2017-12-04. Welcome Assoc. Prof. Jung-Ho Lai from National Taipei University of Business, Taiwan to be the conference program chair and deliver a plenary speech at ICESM 2018. (Click)
热烈欢迎来自国立台北商学院的赖蓉禾副教授担任ICESM 2018的程序委员会主席,点击查看。

2017-11-24. Welcome Prof. Xuecheng Yang to be the conference chair and deliver a keynote speech at ICESM 2018.(Click)
热烈欢迎来自北京邮电大学的杨学成教授担任ICESM 2018的大会主席并做特邀报告,

2017-11-2. Welcome Prof. Shaofeng Liu from Plymouth University, UK to be the conference chair and keynote speaker at ICESM 2018. (Click)
热烈欢迎来自英国普利茅斯大学的刘少凤教授担任ICBESM 2018的大会主席并做特邀报告,点击查看。

2017-10-31. Welcome Prof. Yong-an Zhang from Beijing University of Technology, China to be the conference local chair. (Click)
热烈欢迎北京工业大学的张永安教授担任ICESM 2018的大会主席,点击查看

2017-10-16. ICESM 2018 will be held in Grand Gongda Jianguo Hotel, Beijing, China during July 05-07, 2018.
ICESM 2018将于2018年7月5-7日在 北京工业大学,建国饭店举行。

2017-09-15. ICESM 2017 has been held successfully in Toronto, Canada. Please download the original conference photo. (Click)
ICESM 2017在多伦多成功召开,会议现场照片已更新到网站,请点击下载。

2017-8-22, The full version of conference program is ready now. (Click)

2017-4-17, Welcom Prof. Jacques Picard, from Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada to join us as the keynote speaker. (Click)

2017-4-05, Welcom Prof. Tao Zeng, from Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada to join us as the conference chair and keynote speaker. (Click)

2017-3-10, Welcom Prof. Tim Huh, from University of British Columbia, Canada to join us as the program chair and keynote speaker. (Click)

2017-1-08, ICESM 2017 will be held in Toronto, Canada and the submission is open.

2016-6-30, ICESM 2016 conference program is available now. (Click)

2016-4-1 News! Welcome Lecturer Jacek Strojny from Rzeszow University of Technology, Poland to join ICESM 2016 conference committee.

2016-3-24 News! Welcome Prof. Hans Götzsche from Aalborg Unversity, Denmark to give a keynote speech in Rome Conference. (Click)

2016-3-16 News! ICESM 2016 submission has been extended to April 25, 2016.

2016-3-8 News! ICESM 2016 will be held in Starhotels Metropole, Rome.

2015-12-25 News! ICESM 2016 submission is open.

2015-7-24 News! The best paper is announced.

2015-6-25 Good News! The conference program is avialable now. (Click)

2015-4-3 Good News! Welcome Prof. Rimantas Dapkus from Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania to deliver a speech at the conference.

2015-4-3 Good News! ICESM2015 last submission deadline: May 15, 2015

2015-3-5 Good News! ICESM2015 second submission deadline: April 5, 2015.

.2014-9-12 Good News! ICESM2015 call for paper now.

.2014-6-27 News! The conference program is available now.

2014-5-25 News ! Dr. Lung-Tan Lu from Department of Management, Fo Guang University, will deliver the keynote speech at the conference.

2014-5-10 News ! Jiří Strouhal from University of Economics Prague, Czech Republic, will deliver the keynote speech at the conference.

2014-4-24 News! The conference venue is available.

2014-4-15 News! The second round submission deadline: May 20, 2014.